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The Masarie Gang: Adventure Blog

I went on an eleven-day trip this past June to the Pacific North West. My friend Kurtis and I flew out to Portland, Oregon and rented a car.  Our trip included adventures in Washington, Oregon, and we drove thru the top of California.  My research prior to the trip included checking out a few library books about the area and taking a lot of notes.  I gathered a lot of information to use as a guide for ideas of things we could do. There are so many options and we did as much as we could in the time we had.  In hindsight it might have been better to spend more time in fewer places.  Even with my research, I didn’t have any preconceived notions about where we were going which I think is a good thing.
We stayed with my friend Kathy for part of the trip and we camped the rest of the time. Kathy, and her boyfriend Sean, were living in a beautiful place in Olympia, Washington.  Their home had big windows that looked out on the Puget Sound.  You could see [...]
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Its’ been a while since my last post, I have been out doing some adventuring but I still remain several years behind on sharing stories and imagery from my journeys.  The South East received a lot of rain this past week, making it a great time to check out waterfalls.  I went to North Carolina, just north of South Carolina and very close to Georgia, because Transylvania County, NC is known as the Land of The Waterfalls. I got to see six waterfalls and hiked between eight and nine miles during my day of adventuring. All the falls I visited were off Highway 281(this road is also 130 in SC but becomes 281 as you enter NC.)  The trails I visited are all found off of an eight miles section of this road.  There were also more falls along this section of road to visit then I saw during this trip.
My first stop was Whitewater Falls.  This parking area is right off the road. They charge a $2 fee to park, if I had remembered my national parks pass, parking here would [...]
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The first weekend of January I enjoyed hiking in a winter wonderland.   North Georgia had been experiencing very cold temperatures so I set out on Saturday the 6th with my regular hiking buddy, Kurtis, to check out some frozen waterfalls.  Our first stop was Duke Creek Falls.  I have hiked to Dukes Creek Falls a few times before; I believe this was my fourth time there.   The hike is about two miles round trip a mile down to the falls and a mile back out.   Below you can see a few photos from the trip and photos from my previous trips there for a little seasonal comparison of the same place.  I also found another painted rock by the waterfall!  This one was had a painted yellow sunflower on it and someone from Brevard, NC painted it.  I plan on leaving this rock for someone else on one of my future adventures.


11_05_2017_Dukes_Creek_Falls                                   [...]
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I walked on the Gold Branch Trail today, which is part of the Chattahoochee River Park System and this particular section is ten minutes from my house in Sandy Springs, GA.  I have walked this trail several times before.  I wanted to get a hike in before the rain moved in that is forecasted to last for several days.  This particular trail is a loop of about 3.2 to 3.8 (not sure of exact mileage) but there are multiple trails that allow you to do shorter loops if you don’t want to walk the whole thing. I completed the loop in just under two hours. 
The outer loop trail, which I took to the left at the first intersection, follows along the Chattahoochee River and Bull Sluice Lake above Morgan Falls Dam.  You walk along the river for most of the trail except in the beginning and end of the hike. In the wintertime you can really get a good look at the river from the trail during the walk. It is not as visible in the months of the year that there are leaves [...]
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